If we’re able to gain the support to move toward a ‘lifestyle’ that is built on a foundation of ‘ability’ the ‘dis..’ may just become a thing of the past. And of course this may also enable life to be one associated more with mental ..ease. ⁦@BritSocLM⁩ #1Change

Are you contemplating a dietary change #1Change. @talkhealth invited me to share some thoughts on the #ketodiet based on experience I’ve gained from following it in as part of my mission to stop a #braintumour growing. https://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/talkhealth/articles/expert-webinar-neil-bindemann#.X_yv0omcsa4.twitter @BritSocLM @ketodietapp @KDRN_online

Run by and for those passionate about how maximise health outcome through lifestyle choices. https://twitter.com/BritSocLM/status/1342000819567271936

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