A practical eg of how a #neuro condition #braininjury #braintumour #Parkinsons #epilepsy #MultipleSclerosis can impact our sense of freedom, triggering various #emotions & impact #qualityoflife @neuroalliance @UKABIF @epilepsysociety @epilepsyaction @parkinsons_life @brainspine

Today I didn’t let #Parkinsons hold me back, I put myself out there, I challenged the boundaries, the perceptions and I competed. I competed hard, I gave it my all and you know what, I think I may just have held my own. #NeverGiveUp

'Executive Dysfunction' is used to collectively describe impairment in the 'executive functions' - the key cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills that are used to navigate through life. We list seven signs of executive dysfunction after brain injury: https://www.headway.org.uk/about-brain-injury/individuals/brain-injury-and-me/7-signs-of-executive-dysfunction-after-brain-injury/

Short clip re: our #FMD therapy approach. Look at the whole person, we have one 🧠 that does it all! @IntegratedMove @VJNeurology https://vjneurology.com/video/kulv-kv82ey-diagnosing-functional-movement-disorders/

Did you miss some sessions from #FNDS2022? If you registered for the meeting then it’s all available for catch up viewing for the next 30 DAYS only. At a later date, sessions with consent will be available for FNDS members only. Enjoy!@FNDSociety

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Key Activities

Encouraging primary care and community neurology to be more person-centred

The Primary care and Community Neurology Society (P-CNS) has created a Person-Centred Neurosciences steering committee who have shaped the Society’s new vision and mission. Our vision, which acknowledges the significance of learning through lived experiences, is to provide sustainable, consistent, and high-quality care and education services that consider and support the individual needs of the person so they can live well in the community with suspected or confirmed neurological conditions.

To meet our new steering committee members just click here, or click on the “About Us” menu and selecting steering committee. 

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Members of the new Person-Centred Neurosciences Steering Committee have contributed to a paper that has been published one of the largest online medical education platforms in the UK, OnMedica

Our paper provides a unique window into what it’s like to hear very challenging news, written with health professionals who have had to hear the news themselves! But importantly, it also highlights how upsetting and stressful it can be for many health professionals who are having to impart that challenging news, something that some people may not have appreciated before.

We hope the messages from this paper will be brought to the attention of many people to support the voice of those who feel they haven’t been heard.

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Epilepsy in adults – lived experiences survey

Are you an adult or carer of an adult with epilepsy? If so please consider participating in an anonymous survey.

The survey is being run to learn more about the treatment and management options you, or the person you care for have been given and the day to day impact on your lives. The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

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Practical look at emergency neurology

Lead by P-CNS steering committee member, Dr Jonny Acheson, living with Parkinson’s

This session provides insight from a range of hospital specialists on neurological conditions.


Dr Amit Mistri, Dr Neeta Patel, Dr David Eveson, Dr Martin Wiese


The significance of emotions in delivering person-centred care

In this presentation, given at Guidelines Live in Nov 2021, you will here how the P-CNS is learning through lived experiences to support a more person-centred care approach to the deliver of neuroscience services.

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Help with Sleep – Top tips

Some top tips from a “Sleep Question Time” session run during the height of the COVID pandemic with a panel of healthcare professionals who offered their knowledge of sleep who bring a combination of both personal and professional experience. 

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eQOL – Epilepsy Quality of Life

eQOL recognised the significance of lived experiences and has been designed for you to share information and resources to support families and individuals living through epilepsy, in the hope it will:

  1. Encourage discussion that helps ensure equal access to the best treatment options
  2. Stimulate thoughts and ideas from both healthcare professionals and patients
  3. Help raise awareness that people cope with epilepsy in different ways
  4. Provide a place where you are an equal partner in stimulating ideas for epilepsy research

Curiate is an online learning platform brought to you by Innervate Ltd in partnership with the Skills Network. Curiate is launching with a range of ready-made online short courses to help with your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). All of Curiate’s short bite-sized CPD courses are interactive and engaging, and take an average of two hours to complete. All courses are auto-marked, meaning that feedback is instant, and a CPD certificate is issued to you on completion of all courses. To browse some of the courses we offer or to sign up, click the button below.


Learning Through Lived Experiences 

We invite you to visit this new section of the website, which includes details of the art of Dr Jonny Acheson,  P-CNS Steering committee member, an emergency medicine doctor living with Parkinson’s