Sleep - Top Tips

We’re delighted to provide a series of short top tip videos from a “Sleep Question Time” webinar that was organised by the Person-Centred Neuroscience Exec Director, and Lifestyle Health Foundation Founder, Neil Bindemann. The session was run during the height of the COVID pandemic with a panel of healthcare professionals who offered their knowledge of sleep and who bring a combination of both personal and professional experiences.

Top Tip 1

Dr Sheena Fraser, Lifestyle Medicine doctor starts off this short video with a very simple tip: “Don’t watch the 10 O’clock News.” This is partly due to the potentially stressful nature of the news. Hear other great tips in this 4-5min clip.

Top Tip 2

A reference to the significance of Shiftwork and it’s impact on a person’s natural circadian rhythm, brings in Dr Michael Farhuqar, Children’s Sleep Consultant from the Evelina Hospital, to discuss some basics of sleep including the significance of the timing of the sleep and our body clocks.

Top Tip 3

In this 6min clip the expert panel address a question on how to increase the number of hours of sleep, without the need for medication, looking at the disrupted sleep as well as the ‘getting to sleep’. 

Top Tip 4

In this top tip video the Panel explore important aspect of food selection to support good sleep. Alison reviews some of the recent research, Sheena touches on the significant of the microbiome and Michael provides a wonderful example of taking a thorough history.

In this top tip Neil poses a question asked by an audience member during the Zoom webinar on the menopause. Dr Sheena Fraser offers some thoughts on supporting sleep during the menopause and Dr Michael Farquhar, talks about work that he lead to bring changes to the school curriculum in English schools bring in discussion on how changes in body and mind during adolescent years can impact sleep.