After 18 months of development ebrain was successfully launched at the Royal College of Surgeons in London on 25th November. ebrain is a world first, and represents the largest, most comprehensive web-based training multimedia facility in clinical neurosciences to support both training and Continuous Professional Development for those working in relevant fields.

ebrain currently consists of over 550 eLearning sessions that cover the whole of the clinical neurosciences, including neurorehabilitation. Each session is designed to take 20 minutes to complete. Sessions include videos, still images, formative assessment questions, mouseover texts, audio and case scenarios. Users can self-select which modules to do, or make use of learning pathways being designed to reflect the needs of specific learning groups. Once a session has been completed, providing the learner provides feedback, then a certificate can be printed for their portfolio.

All UK professional societies who are members of the Joint Neurosciences Council www.jointneurosciences.org, are providing free access to this resource for their individual members.