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Managing Complex Neurological Disorders in the Community?

Friday, 23rd November 2018, Birmingham

What is it that makes a neurological disorder or condition ‘complex’? Perhaps it is the nature of the condition and how it arises? Is it because you don’t often encountered patients with the disorder/condition in your clinical practice? Or is it simply that our understanding and knowledge of the condition and how patients are suffering is limited?! In this unique one day conference we are delighted to invite you, a curious health professional, to come along to a series of educational talks that will delve into some of the perceived mysteries and issues associated with ‘complex’ neurological conditions, in an attempt to make them less ‘complex’, and thereby help you address some of the unmet care needs of the people living complex neurological disorders.

The charge for this one conference is currently 75, and will increase to 125 after the 30th of Sept. To find out more and to secure your place book online here.


Previous events

Neurology in Primary Care - Joint Study day with the RCGP SE and SW Thames Faculties,
Thurs 8th Dec 2016, Holiday Inn Hotel, Gatwick Airport

The programme included:

  • Parkinson’s - Focus on the non motor symptoms
  • Neurological examination in General Practice
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment and dementia
  • Epilepsy - Frequently asked questions

To view the slides from the study day click here

Neurology Red Flags: What to do next? Wed 8th June 2016, BMA House, London

This half day Primary Care Neurology Society workshop has been developed in response to a number of requested received in the feedback after the last two P-CNS Neurology Study Days with the RCGP. We atre delighted that consultant neurologists Dr Martin Turner has agreed to lead this workshop.

If you would like us to arrange this workshop in your area please email>

Neurology in Primary Care - Joint Study day with the RCGP SE and SW Thames Faculties,
Thurs 2nd July 2015, Holiday Inn Hotel, Gatwick Airport

The programme included:

  • Neurology red flags in General Practice
  • Parkinson’s in General Practice—an essential up-date
  • Balance and mobility problems—does it warrant an early referral?
  • Deciphering Seizures— a primary care guide
  • When is a headache more than just a headache?

To download and view the slides from this meeting please login and go to the resources section of the website

Pain Education Surgery for General Practice

The Pain Education Surgery is a new initiative from the Primary Care Neurology Society, providing a highly interactive and practical approach to GP education. The focus of the first Surgery offered an opportunity to hear and learn from leading specialists who have expertise in three key areas:

  • Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • General Pain

Look out for the next education surgery.


Previous events:

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