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P-CNS Connect

The P-CNS is hoping to develop a simple and easy to use web-based tool that gives the healthcare professional immediate, direct and secure access to fellow professionals registered with the P-CNS anywhere in the UK.

The development of P-CNS Connect will:

  • Support the networking of professionals interested in neurology in primary care.
  • Offer regular opportunities for online discussions and also encourages the creation of "offline" local interest groups.
  • Encourage people to share best practice, expertise and experience with fellow health professionals.
  • Offer access to education materials matched to the interests of an individual

P-CNS Connect will be designed to encourage people to share best practice in order to help improve early recognition, prompt diagnosis, appropriate referral and treatment.

P-CNS Connect will also enable general questions to be asked across the network. This will facilitate the sharing of ideas and good practice.

Phase one of P-CNS Connect is now complete. Members are now able to search the P-CNS membership and make contact with fellow members through the P-CNS website. P-CNS Connect sits behind the login function as is available from the Resources section.