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Our Plan

P-CNS’s Vision
The P-CNS’s vision is for sustainable provision of consistent and high quality neurological care and education services across primary care.

P-CNS’s Mission
The P-CNS’s mission is to:

  • Stimulate greater interest and awareness of neurology across primary care
  • Support the provision of high quality education and information services to primary care professionals in order to enhance the delivery of care to people with neurological conditions.
  • To support the relationship between Primary and Secondary Care Neurology Services  

We aim to do this by encouraging the sharing of best practice among professionals with an interest in primary care neurology and by helping to develop practical and engaging education and training materials.

The P-CNS believes that advances in neurology education and information are best achieved by primarily focusing on the needs of patients. The Society believes in developing resources in partnership with its supporters and supporting organisations/companies, that encourage joined up thinking and more importantly identify ways to build the relationship between professionals as well as between professionals and patients.

The Society worked hard to establish a strong foundation from which it aims to continue to support the provision of neurology information and education appropriately developed to meet the needs of those working in and across the primary-secondary care interface.

 We plan to deliver on our objectives by:

  • Encouraging the sharing of best practice among professionals with an interest in primary care neurology
  • Supporting primary care professionals (PCPs) as they seek to maximize the quality of life and wellbeing of their patients with neurological conditions
  • Working with its supporters to encourage them to create and provide access to practical and engaging education and training resources to improve primary care neurology services
  • Fostering ways to improve the recognition of neurological symptoms in primary care and where necessary ensuring appropriate referral to specialist services
  • Identifying ways of strengthening the relationship between primary and secondary care professionals working in neurology
  • Extending its network through linking with other organisations such as the Association of British Neurologists and Specialist Nurse and Practitioner/Therapists Associations and connecting appropriate individuals, organisations and sponsors together to develop learning networks and enable the efficient dissemination of information and education to PCPs
  • Enabling coherent and whole systems approaches to dealing with neurological conditions and the multiple morbidities that are often present

If you are keen to help us achieve our aims and objectives please join us today. There is a one of joining fee (i.e. not annual fee) of 45 which allows you to access all our resources and gain free access to e-brain, Europe's most comprehensive online learning resource in neuroscience. There are many modules relevant to primary care.

You can join be going to the registration page and completing the form. Payment can be made via our online payment system.

We also offer a corporate supporter programme for charities and companies. Further details are available by emailing